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Passionate about STEAM? Here's a FREE guide to starting your own maker program

The NEW Maker Program Starter Kit provides all the activities and resources needed to bring making into your K-12 classrooms, libraries, or after-school programs – anywhere making thrives.

Why a Maker Program Starter Kit?

  • You asked for it. Time and time again we heard teachers frustrated by wanting to implement making but not sure where to start.
  • There is a gap in the market. Through research we found a lack of resources to help teachers quickly and easily start a maker program.
  • It’s a jump start. By providing an easy to use set of instructions you can create an explicit connection between making, design, creativity, and learning.
What’s unique about the Starter Kit?
  • The content moves beyond theory and into practice by providing hands-on activities, content and resources that enable you to confidently answer the question “How do I get started”
  • Customizable templates downloadable via Google docs as Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • It’s fun and easy
  • No experience necessary (really!)



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