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Chris DeJuneas

Applications Engineer, SchoolDude

Chris DeJuneas has been with SchoolDude for nearly three years as an applications engineer. Chris demonstrates the value of SchoolDude’s solutions and uses his IT background as a way to educate IT leaders about the importance of adopting technology to become more efficient in their daily operations. His experience and knowledge help SchoolDude’s clients save money, time and resources.

David J. Hinson is the EVP, COO & CIO of Drury University. In his role, David is responsible for the strategic vision, leadership, planning and management of all information infrastructure and software systems within Drury University, including institutional business support, enrollment management and classroom technology, as well as online delivery of education and instructional innovation.

EVP, COO & CIO, Drury University

David Hinson



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On Demand Webinar

Robert Craven

CTO, Tustin Unified School District

Robert EM Craven is an educator with a technology obsession. In his current role as chief technology officer for the 24,000-student Tustin Unified School District, Robert and his department manage an 18,000-device 1:1 laptop and iPad program, the district network infrastructure, two data centers, audio/visual systems for nearly 1,000 rooms and much more.  

Device usage has increased 400% between 2008 and 2016, compromising the operations and security of networks everywhere.  For every person on campus, there are 4-5 devices on your network.  In this webinar, industry experts discuss solutions for streamlining device management, managing rouge access points, and more.  

Your network is not static – it is a living thing, requiring curation, care, and planning for its future.  Preserve the sanity of your IT staff with the solutions presented in this webcast. 

This webinar will cover:

  • Tools for accommodating growing numbers of wireless “clients”
  • Strategies for directing and streamlining help desk requests
  • How to avoid “rogue” access points
  • Planning for your network’s future

Strategies for Managing IT Maintenance and Operations of Your School



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