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Ahmed Mousa is currently the Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) Distribution Manager, and is responsible for managing the entire distribution system and the 69 kV transmission system. Mousa is also an Adjunct Professor at NJIT, a senior design judge and an NJIT Industry Action Board member. Mousa has over 13 years of experience working with industry leaders such as Con Edison, PSE&G, PEPCO, and First Energy.

Distribution Manager, PSE&G

Ahmed Mousa


Integrating greater levels of distributed energy resources (DER) into a utility distribution system is a complex process, affecting both distribution and transmission systems. When different levels of solar PV are integrated at different feeders, how will that affect the quality and reliability of service to adjacent customers? How might it affect other considerations for power generation, transmission and distribution?

NJ is experiencing some of the strongest solar PV growth in the U.S. Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) takes an active role in proactively understanding feeder and substation capacity to accommodate solar PV, and to avoid negative impacts to grid reliability, voltages, thermal capacity, flicker, and more.

This webinar presentation will cover:

  • PSE&G’s approach to proactively study and accommodate the impacts of DER on the PSE&G system, in collaboration with Siemens PTI.
  • An overview of the study and its methodologies to estimate feeder and substation hosting capacity, as well as evaluation of flicker, to simulate the system performance compared with real data collection.
  • The distribution system at PSE&G, available DERs, challenges, the need for the study and the results.

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Hugo Bashualdo

Senior Manager, Siemens PTI

Hugo Bashualdo, currently Senior Manager at Siemens PTI, has over 23 years of experience within the power distribution system. His technical expertise includes distribution planning, distributed generation interconnection impact studies, power loss reduction techniques, reliability improvement studies, and distribution system design, construction and maintenance. At Siemens, he has been dedicated to redesigning the distribution system planning process.

DER Integration:  

Studying Impacts Helps Maintain Grid Reliability


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