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Adaptation. Evolution. Transformation. That is what has been happening in the utility sector for the majority of the later part of the twentieth century, moving into the twenty-first.

Now, more than ever, utilities expect to source more power from low-carbon generation and retire baseload plants, while also preparing for growth of distributed resources like rooftop solar and storage. However, the election of President Donald Trump has thrown into question whether federal administration will seek to alter the policy and market trends that have guided utility investments for the past decade. How will the industry respond to this new leadership? 

In Utility Dive’s annual report on the state of the electric utility in 2017, we surveyed over 600 electric utility executives to better understand the differing perspectives on this period of change.

Download now for an in-depth look at these survey results and insights into the state and future of the electric utility business. 


2017 State of the Electric Utility
Survey Report

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