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Did you know that only one-third of companies consider their compliance training effective? That’s the reality, according to the Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 Compliance Training Study, and it’s a scary one -  compliance violations can wreak havoc on your business’s bottom line and damage your brand’s reputation. With so much on the line, it’s time to take a different approach to compliance training content.

Download our ebook, Turn Mandated Training into Engaging eLearning with Great Course Content, to learn:

  • Why companies are moving to eLearning to deliver compliance training courses;

  • How to choose between buying off-the-shelf compliance course content and developing custom content;

  • What to consider in planning custom compliance course content in-house or with a development partner.

  • Who wins when you pump up your compliance training content. (Hint: The answer is “Everyone!”)

Effective training is the best approach to compliance readiness. Protect your company and your employees from costly and damaging compliance violations and the boredom of ineffective compliance training!

The Compliance Training Not-So-Secret Weapon: Turn Mandated Training into Engaging eLearning

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