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Power cuts, power surges, accidents, weather, natural disasters, human error or plain old ageing equipment – there’s a lot that can cause your business to grind to a halt. And to top it all, the energy landscape is going through fundamental changes. Energy supply is moving from large centralised plants to renewables and small-scale gas-fired installations – and that’s bringing challenges in terms of intermittence. Not to mention the increase in transmission and distribution costs.

With this in mind, businesses across all industry sectors need to take a long hard look and their energy resilience, reduce their reliance on the grid and take control of their energy consumption.

Read the Energy Resilience ‘how-to’ guide

Centrica Business Solutions has put together an Energy Resilience ‘how-to’ guide to get your started on the road to resilience. Download it today.



How will your business stand up to a power cut?

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