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When it comes to business resilience, news headlines focus on threats such as cybercrime. But there’s a much more immediate issue – energy supply. 

92% of businesses have experienced at least one energy-related failure in the last 12 months. 

The energy landscape is changing. Global energy consumption is increasing fast – it’s expected to rise 25% by 2040. The demand for electricity will be even higher, up 65% in the same period. Add increasing instability in the grid due to intermittent renewables, rising fuel costs and strict emissions targets into the mix and the future of traditional energy supplies looks anything but secure.
This increased demand, escalating costs and unremitting pressure on the grid mean that businesses need to place less reliance on traditional supplies and start to focus not only on generating their own energy - but on making the energy they currently use go further and more efficiently. But are businesses ready?

Read the Resilience Report:
Centrica Business Solutions have surveyed energy decision-makers across multiple industries to understand the true scale of the challenges posed by a lack of energy continuity. The resulting research report could set your business on the road to resilience. 

One thing is for certain – it’s never too soon to start.

What happens to your resilience when the power goes off?

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