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Customer satisfaction is one of the biggest drivers in the energy industry, however studies demonstrate that the utility industry implements customer satisfaction improvements more slowly than other industries. Today’s utilities must look beyond simply supplying a commodity to solidify customer relationships and increase satisfaction. A growing percentage of new energy consumers are looking for their utility to be more than just a provider, but a trusted advisor that can facilitate access to innovative services and technologies.

According to a white paper by California Public Utilities Commissioner Emeritus Timothy A. Simon, the chief way to attract and retain customers is to make customer satisfaction the center of the utility’s mission. Simon suggests partnerships with service providers to deepen customer engagement with the utility. One type of partnership provides utility customers with access to vetted home repair services. For example, when a customer doesn’t have electricity or heat, they often look to their provider for assistance, and not being able to offer them anything is a missed opportunity to provide a positive customer experience.

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Improving Satisfaction in an Ever-Changing Customer Landscape

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