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In many food products, sweetness drives flavor perception. When reducing the sugar content of a food, there are a number of functional and taste attributes to take into account. The acid source that is used in the food is an important consideration. Along with sweeteners, acids can shift the flavor profile of a food in different directions.

When sweetener systems are modified, adjustments to the acid system can greatly improve the tasting experience of the final product. In addition, switching to alternate acid systems can be used as part of an overall sugar reduction strategy. This particular article will talk about a series of descriptive sensory studies conducted on a hard boiled candy system featuring different acid and fruit flavor profiles.

The time intensity, descriptive character and overall balance of the acid profiles were explored within this matrix. Despite the focus on confection applications in this study, similar data is available for beverages, sauces, dressings, frozen novelties and a number of other food products.


Taste and Flavor Modulation in Confectionary

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