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As precision oncology develops ever more targeted therapies guided by ever more complex genomic, clinical and real-world data, drug developers will increasingly face the paradox of patient scarcity in the presence of an abundance of disparate data.

Resolving this paradox will require adoption of clinical development technologies that enable the efficient collection, aggregation, and integration of data, in addition to advanced analytics that uncover relationships in the data that cannot be discovered by unaided human analysis. These technologies can increase clinical trial efficiency, thereby bringing more therapies to market faster.

By harnessing the right technology and innovative strategies you can manage the complexity of precision oncology trials. To learn more about the benefits of a clinical development platform that allows for an iterative research process, and increases the likelihood of achieving success in precision oncology, download our white paper, “Precision Oncology Trials: Clinical Development Technology Enhances Success Rates.”

Having produced several highly targeted treatments that dramatically improve cancer patient outcomes, the field of oncology is leading the precision medicine revolution.

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