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US total food spending increased 3.7% annually from 1991 to 2014 but food retailers’ sales increased only 2.2% annually during that period, resulting in a market share loss of 12 percentage points. Grocery retail is changing fast. Why? 

  • Shifting appetites and innovation erode food retailers’ share of stomach  
  • Restaurants are innovating and eating up market share  
  • Grocery e-commerce is on the rise with Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods  

To combat these changes, traditional stores are upping their game, alternative retailers are competing for food spend and new competitors are entering the market. With grocery shopping dollars moving into other areas, retailers must compete aggressively to maintain share if they want to survive.

Based on an IDC Retail Insights survey of 3000 shoppers and 200 retailers, commissioned by Precima, read this report (link to download) to learn how to prepare for the future of grocery shopping now!


Get Ready for the Future of Grocery Retail

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