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Businesses across all verticals have discovered how productive they can be with Office 365. With increasingly more people working remotely, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the flexibility it offers? Now more than ever, there are opportunities to become a profitable Office 365 reseller. But even though it has great profit potential, reselling requires skill and expertise. If you’re not sure where to start, you’re in the right place. 

This guide will help you identify selling scenarios with the right qualifying questions; how to position the right product benefits to overcome the client’s top pain points; how to address the security and compliance concerns with Office 365; and how to handle the most frequent client objections with counter arguments. When selling Office 365 you have to put yourself in the client’s shoes. Why would he buy an Office 365 plan from you if he can just as easily buy it from someone else, or directly from Microsoft? 

If you want to make more money selling Office 365, you have to add value to your portfolio. Learn how to profit from selling Office 365 through the Office 365 Sales Guide.


The Office 365 Sales Guide

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