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Stromasys has been helping educational organizations—ranging from schools, districts, and cooperatives to higher education entities—protect and preserve their critical applications. Hardware failure can put applications at risk and impede access to critical student and employee data housed on the system. Gartner estimates that the average large corporation experiences 87 hours of downtime per year, and downtime in the education space can result in major headaches while the system is repaired. What important data would your teams lose access to in the event of unplanned downtime?

Technology and education go hand in hand. As schools teach students about new technology, we’re here to help make sure the legacy systems behind the scenes remain protected. Replace aging hardware without sacrificing the applications that are integral to effective education. 

Download our whitepaper to find out how Stromasys can help reduce maintenance costs, mitigate risk, and improve the performance of your mission-critical applications.


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