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In the battle for e-commerce sales and evolving customer preferences, retailers are exploring and testing new technologies to win the ultimate prize: customer loyalty. Many decision makers are hesitant to implement new and often disruptive technology into their businesses and need to see the hard ROI of solutions such as automated self-service pickup. There are a myriad of benefits that an in-store pickup solution provides that should be taken into consideration.

Retailers who provide their customers with a smooth shopping experience, fueled by big data and inspired by insights are winning big. There are many components that need to work in tandem to provide an immersive, omni-shopping experience that delights the customer and turns them into brand advocates. It all comes down to helping customers get what they want, when and how they want it.

From significant savings on shipping costs to improved store and associate efficiency, this report focuses on the top 5 benefits that an automated click-and-collect solution provides to retailers of all sizes.

Get the insights on what customers look for when making a purchasing decision, real examples of the significant benefits the world’s largest retailer experienced, and other significant benefits that should be taken into consideration when deciding to join the click-and-collect revolution


The Real Value of an Automated Click-and-Collect Solution

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