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Manufacturers and consumers are both onboard: reducing the sugar and calories in their beverages simply has to happen. But it’s not simple. Delivering a sugar-like experience—the taste, texture and mouthfeel that consumers expect—presents a huge challenge. Doing so takes just the right combination of sweeteners and ingredients, and the right partner to help you find it. Tate & Lyle is that partner.

In addition to our innovative zero-calorie sweeteners, Tate & Lyle has a broad range of other products, including fibers. By combining those sweeteners and products in the right way, we’re able to help you give your beverage sugar-like qualities, at an efficient, acceptable cost-in-use.

The eBook introduces…

  • The immense health benefits of reduced sugar and calories in the diet
  • The role fiber plays, both in terms of giving a product the right texture and contributing additional health benefits
  • Tate & Lyle’s line of sugar- and calorie-reduction ingredients, and what each accomplishes
  • The other valuable services Tate & Lyle provides, including clean-labeling solutions

Download our eBook that introduces Tate & Lyle’s sweetening solutions, our innovative approach and our commitment to collaborating with our clients.


Reducing calories while still delivering a sugar-like experience 

Read how Tate & Lyle helps you do it

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