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As a messaging app, we know how much people love to message one another, which makes A2P marketing an efficient and personal way for you to connect with consumers. We worked with our global communications partner Infobip to put together a brief guide on how you can easily bring A2P into your business and how to ace it in just three steps. You’ll uncover the following:

  • Real examples of how brands are using messaging apps to reach consumers
  • Three steps needed to apply A2P Marketing to your overall strategy
  • How to define the success of your A2P Marketing

Once you read through these tips you’ll be all set and ready to get started. Everyone talks about 1-to-1 marketing, but what is more personalized than messaging? We live and breathe it in our daily lives, so now is the time for marketers to ride the wave.


3 Steps to Mastering A2P Marketing

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