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Life sciences companies face new challenges that will only get more difficult over time, making it more critical than ever to embed analytics into business practices. This new report explores how sales and marketing professionals at life sciences companies currently consume data at work, and uncovers their specific pain points and needs surrounding data and analytics.

Responses to this survey indicate the need for an intuitive, AI-enabled analytics environment with user-specific and context-sensitive application, along with trusted and timely information. Key insights include:

  • Only 21% of respondents always have the data that they need in one place
  • Between 16 and 26% of data may be “stale” when it is accessed
  • Nearly 40% of respondents indicated that they wanted access to less data, but more useful insights
  • Users believe their business performance could improve by an average of 35% if the data and insights they have access to were more complete, timely, accurate and actionable

    Download the report, “Transforming Life Sciences Sales and Marketing With Personalized Insights” to learn more about evolving information consumption practices.


Transforming Life Sciences Sales and Marketing With Personalized Insights

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